NextMark Enables Electronic Exchange of Mailing List Orders with DMAX

Hanover, NH – December 20, 2007 – NextMark, Inc., a leading provider of direct marketing tools and resources, today announced it has released version 6.7 of its software platform to buy mailing lists and sell mailing lists. Included among the 42 new features in this release is the ability to electronically transmit mailing list orders using the DMAX protocol.

DMAX - Direct Marketing Exchange

DMAX - Direct Marketing Exchange

“Electronic exchange of list orders has been a dream for many in the industry for a long time,” said Joseph Pych, NextMark’s founder and president. “Despite the huge benefits of moving orders electronically, the expense and the hassles of the technology used in prior efforts prevented widespread adoption and ultimately led to failure. We’ve taken a whole new approach that eliminates these barriers and makes it feasible for any company to transmit orders electronically.”

Unlike previous attempts, NextMark’s implementation is peer-to-peer and does not require a central authority to intermediate and track all transactions. This communication is enabled by the DMAX protocol, which was also developed by NextMark. The DMAX protocol is expressed through a Web Service Description Language (WSDL) that specifies the structure of electronic documents in Extensible Markup Language (XML) that are transmitted from one party to another via Web Services protocols.

“There’s a lot of technology under the hood, but our clients don’t have to worry about any of it,” continued Mr. Pych. “It’s all transparent — sending and receiving electronic list orders, confirmations, and other documents is just as easy as using email. It eliminates the errors and expense of duplicate keying and adds new controls not possible with paper-based systems.”

Electronic order transmission and all the other features in version 6.7 release are available as a free upgrade for users of the NextMark systems. Software vendors wishing to implement the DMAX protocol should contact NextMark to obtain the specifications.

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