iMedia Agency Summit Winners


I was sitting at the right table this evening, where all three prizes (3 out of 3) were awarded after dinner at the iMedia Agency Summit┬áin Scottsdale, AZ. Congratulations to Melissa Hogdgon from Engauge whose name was pulled on the first drawing, and chose to receive the iPad mini. It wasn’t shortly afterwards when two other winners emerged from Melissa’s left and right. Congratulations to Scott Atkinson from RedClay Interactive and Kristen Crabtree from Allied Integrated Marketing, who both walked out with great prizes.

As for me, I’m saving all of my business cards exclusively for Digital Media Planners so they can contact me about the ‘Digital Media Planner Happiness Project‘. I’m not so sure I would have had a chance of winning anyway, as something very strange and statistically incomprehensible was happening across the table.

The conference has been great so far, and there are a lot of independent digital advertising agencies who are ready to give their spreadsheets some steroids with Digital Media Planner.

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