Whitestone Data

Whitestone Data

Whitestone Data
96 Jamaica Avenue
Plainview, NY 11803

Phone: (917) 923-1224
Web: http://www.whitestonedatallc.com

Lists Under Management

Whitestone Data currently manages 88 mailing lists including:



Graphic Design and Postcard Design

Data Enrichment

Address Correction, Area Code Update, CASS Address Standardization, Delivery Sequence File (DSF) , Email Append, Phone Append, Phone Verify, Reverse Phone Append and US National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing


Drop Shipping, Email Distribution and Telemarketing

Direct Mail Production

Barcoding, Cheshire Labeling, Ink Jet Addressing, Packaging and Shipping, Postcard Printing and Tabbing

List Preparation

Carrier route pre-sort, DMA Do Not Email Suppression, DMA Do Not Mail Suppression, Do Not Call Suppression, List Counts, List Rental Fulfillment, List segmentation for split testing, Merge/purge, Prison Suppression and Radius Selection

List/Media Procurement

Direct Mail List Brokerage, Email List Brokerage, Insert Media Program Procurement, List Management, Online Advertising Procurement and Telephone List Brokerage

Market Specialties

Collectible Buyers, Cosmetics Buyers, Gift Buyers, Movie Buyers - DVD, VHS, On-demand, Music Buyers, Pets Buyers - dogs, cats, horses, College Bound Students, School Administration, Banking Service Buyers, Business Banking Buyers, Credit Card Holders, Gamblers / Lottery, Investors, Mortgage Buyers, Animal Welfare Donors, Christian Donors, Cure Donors - Cancer, Diabetes, Democratic Donors, Disabilities Donors, Disaster Relief Donors, Environment Donors, Other Donors, Political Donors, Religious Donors, Republican Donors, Veterans Donors, Diabetes Product Buyers, Diet Supplements Buyers, Doctors and Nurses, Hair Loss Product Buyers, Health Product Buyers, Pharmaceutical Buyers, 20's Age Group, 30's Age Group, 40's Age Group, 50's Age Group, 60's Age Group, 70's Age Group, 80's Age Group, 90's Age Group, Kids, New Homeowners, New Parents, Retirees, Teenagers, Democrat Voters, Republican Voters, Voters - Other, Fitness Periodical Subscribers, Investment Periodical Subscribers and