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Focus USA

Focus USA
95 North State Route 17 Suite 103
Paramus, NJ 07652-2648

Phone: (201) 489-2525

Lists Under Management

Focus USA currently manages more than 100 mailing lists including:


Data Enrichment

Email Append, List File Maintenance, Phone Append, Reverse Email Append, Reverse Phone Append and US National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing

List Preparation

List Counts, List Rental Fulfillment, List segmentation for split testing and Merge/purge

List/Media Procurement

Market Specialties

Credit Card Holders, Insurance Buyers, Investors, Mortgage Buyers, Animal Welfare Donors, Christian Donors, Cure Donors - Cancer, Diabetes, Democratic Donors, Disaster Relief Donors, Environment Donors, Other Donors, Political Donors, Religious Donors, Republican Donors, Veterans Donors, Diabetes Product Buyers, Diet Supplements Buyers, Doctors and Nurses, Fitness Products Buyers, Health Product Buyers, 20's Age Group, 30's Age Group, 40's Age Group, 50's Age Group, 60's Age Group, 70's Age Group, Kids, New Homeowners, New Parents, Retirees, Teenagers, Democrat Voters, Republican Voters, Voters - Other, Business Periodical Subscribers, Fitness Periodical Subscribers, Investment Periodical Subscribers, Parenting Periodical Subscribers, Peridical Subscribers and