Marketing Advisory Group, Inc.

Marketing Advisory Group, Inc.

Marketing Advisory Group, Inc.
120 Broadway Suite A
Amityville, NY 11701

Phone: (631) 264-3802

Lists Under Management

Marketing Advisory Group, Inc. currently manages 63 mailing lists including:



Copywriting, Direct Mail Package Design, Postcard Design and Telemarketing Scripts

Data Enrichment

Address Correction, CASS Address Standardization, Delivery Point Validation (DPV), Delivery Sequence File (DSF) , Email Append, Email Change of Address, Locatable Addr Conversion System (LACS) Conversion, Phone Append and Phone Verify

List Preparation

Carrier route pre-sort, DMA Do Not Email Suppression, DMA Do Not Mail Suppression, Deceased Suppression, Do Not Call Suppression, List Counts, List Counts - Online access, List Rental Fulfillment, List segmentation for split testing, Media Conversion, Merge/purge, Prison Suppression and Radius Selection

List/Media Procurement

Direct Mail List Brokerage, Email List Brokerage, List Management and Telephone List Brokerage