Listdata Inc.

Listdata Inc.

Listdata Inc.
5601 Powerline Road Suite 205
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Phone: (954) 484-5478

Lists Under Management

Listdata Inc. currently manages 50 mailing lists including:


Data Enrichment

Address Correction, CASS Address Standardization, Delivery Point Validation (DPV), Email Append, Email Change of Address, List File Maintenance, Phone Append, Phone Verify, Reverse Email Append, Reverse Phone Append, US National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing and Wireless Phone Identification Overlay

List Preparation

Do Not Call Suppression, List Counts, List Counts - Online access, List Rental Fulfillment, Merge/purge, Radius Selection and Wireless Phone Suppression

List/Media Procurement

Direct Mail List Brokerage, Email List Brokerage, List Management and Telephone List Brokerage

Market Specialties

Automotive Buyers, Book Buyers, Cosmetics Buyers, Gift Buyers, Music Buyers, Pets Buyers - dogs, cats, horses, Sporting Goods Buyers - hunting, fishing, hiking, Cable / Satellite TV Service Buyers, Fitness Membership Buyers, Sporting Event Spectators, Travel Buyers, Business Financing Buyers, Credit Card Holders, Insurance Buyers, Investors, Diet Supplements Buyers, Fitness Products Buyers, Health Product Buyers and