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Infinite Media
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White Plains, NY 10601

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Lists Under Management

Infinite Media currently manages 90 mailing lists including:



Email Distribution and Telemarketing

List Preparation

List Counts, List Counts - Online access, List Rental Fulfillment, Merge/purge and Radius Selection

List/Media Procurement

Direct Mail List Brokerage, Email List Brokerage, Insert Media Program Procurement, List Management and Telephone List Brokerage

Response Analysis

Market Specialties

Art Buyers, Automotive Buyers, Book Buyers, Collectible Buyers, Jewelry Buyers, Pets Buyers - dogs, cats, horses, Tobacco Buyers, Adult Students, College Bound Students, Distance Learning Students, Graduate School Bound Students, Private High School Bound Students, School Administration, Teachers, Gamblers / Lottery, Investors, Dental Patients, Diet Supplements Buyers, Doctors and Nurses, Pharmaceutical Buyers, 20's Age Group, 30's Age Group, 40's Age Group, 50's Age Group, 60's Age Group, 70's Age Group, 80's Age Group, 90's Age Group, Kids, New Homeowners, New Parents, Newlyweds, Retirees, Teenagers, Democrat Voters, Republican Voters, Voters - Other,