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Lists Under Management

Epsilon currently manages more than 100 mailing lists including:



Copywriting, Email Design, Search Engine Optimization - organic and Website design

Data Enrichment

CASS Address Standardization, Delivery Point Validation (DPV), Delivery Sequence File (DSF) , Email Append, Email Change of Address, Phone Append, Reverse Email Append, Reverse Phone Append and US National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing


Drop Shipping and Email Distribution

List Preparation

Carrier route pre-sort, DMA Do Not Email Suppression, DMA Do Not Mail Suppression, Deceased Suppression, Do Not Call Suppression, List Counts, List Rental Fulfillment, List segmentation for split testing, Merge/purge, Prison Suppression and Radius Selection

List/Media Procurement

Direct Mail List Brokerage, Email List Brokerage, List Management, Search Engine Marketing - pay per click and Telephone List Brokerage

Market Specialties

20's Age Group, 30's Age Group, 40's Age Group, 50's Age Group, 60's Age Group, 70's Age Group, 80's Age Group, 90's Age Group, Kids, New Homeowners, New Parents, Teenagers, Democrat Voters, Republican Voters, Voters - Other and