Release Notes for Version 7.16

The NextMark Direct Marketing System application update scheduled for the evening of Thursday, July 12, 2012 includes a number changes to improve usability and stability.

Individual 7.16 improvements are listed below.

Area Type Improvement
Media New Feature Extended Selects Editor 
A new input/editing interface has been added to the Selects panel of the Data Card Wizard to make editing easier and faster.  A link called “Extended Selects Editor”, located at the top of the list of Selects, brings up a dialog that exposes all of the fields from the Commissions dialog for all Selects.
Media New Feature
Profile Percentages on Digital Data Cards
For Data Cards representing Digital Ads, Profile data may now be entered and maintained as percentages of Monthly Unique Visitors.
Media New Feature
Remove Mailers from Usage Display
A Remove Mailer button has been added to the Usage section of the Data Card to allow users to remove one or more Mailers from showing in the Usage section of Data Cards.
Media Bug Fix
Self-reported Descriptions
Corrected an issue related to self-reported descriptions and other display issues that occurred when users navigated quickly through the Data Card wizard.
Media Bug Fix
Unit of Sale Display in Reports
The Unit of Sale display on reports has been updated to ensure that it reflects the values input on the Data Card.
Media Bug Fix
Graphics Display
Corrected an issue related to broken Data Card graphics display in Firefox.
Media  Bug Fix
Display of non-Audited Descriptions
Changes have been made so that non-Audited Data Card descriptions are now shown on RTF downloads for users who do not have access to Audited data.
Reports  New Feature
Account Type Added in Order Reports
The Account Type field has been added to reports with Data Sources that contain Order information.
Reports  New Feature
Additional Fields in Task Data Source
Two new fields, Created By and Assigned To, have been added to reports with a Data Source of Task.
Contacts  Bug Fix
Contacts with Special Characters
Corrected an issue related to Contacts with special characters not displaying in drop-down/selection fields.
Finance  Bug Fix
Rounding on Bill Amounts

Corrected an issue related to inconsistent rounding in sub-totals/totals related to Bills/Finance.
General Bug Fix
Session Timeout Dialog

Expanded the size of the timeout dialog to ensure that the buttons are fully visible.
General  Bug Fix
Updated Date on Tasks

The Updated Date is now updated to reflect the date a user edits a Task record.
Total = 13 improvements