NextMark Awarded Patent for Marketing Database Technology

Hanover, NH – June 15, 2006 – NextMark, Inc., a leading provider of mailing list technology, announced today it has been awarded a patent for a new marketing database technique it has invented. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued NextMark patent number 7,047,212 for its application entitled “Method and System for Storing Prospect Lists in a Computer Database.” Joseph T. Pych and James T. Ford are listed as the inventors.

The patent describes a method for storing many unique mailing lists in a database in such a way that standardizes the common elements yet preserves the unique elements. Examples of common elements are address, age, and gender. Examples of unique elements are ‘programming language’ for a programmers mailing list and ‘favorite destination’ for a travelers mailing list.

“Mailing lists are like snowflakes — no two are alike. But most marketing databases, particularly co-operative marketing databases, don’t recognize this fact,” said Joseph Pych co-inventor and President of NextMark. “Most marketing databases have a rigid structure. When a new mailing list is imported into the database, lots of valuable data is lost in translation because the database structure has no place to store it. This impedes your ability to select highly-targeted marketing lists from the database.”

“For example, suppose you sell bicycle parts and there is a mailing list of bicycle riders where each record contains a field that stores the rider’s type of bicycle. This list has been imported into your marketing database. However, because your database has no ‘bicycle type’ field, this data was lost in translation. Now, you are trying to use this database to get a list of Trek 8200 riders to sell them parts and accessories for the Trek 8200. You are out of luck — the database won’t give you this level of refinement because the data was lost. The result is a poorly targeted marketing campaign with low response rates.”

“We’ve solved this problem with a new way to store unique mailing list data in a marketing database. It combines all the benefits of using a marketing database with the benefits of using individual mailing lists.”

Copies of the patent are available through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. NextMark is in the process of commercializing this technology and is actively seeking implementation partners. To learn more, contact Joseph Pych at

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