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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answer to the most frequently asked questions about NextMark.

Q: What does NextMark do?
A: NextMark provides technology that enables marketers to do a better job of reaching people that actually want to hear from them. Basically, the opposite of junk mail and spam. We provide media planning, media operations, and media sales systems.

Q: Who buys from NextMark?
A: NextMark serves buyers and sellers of media. On the buy side, the typical customer is an agent of the marketer such as an media planner, list broker, or consultant. On the sell side, the typical customer is a media salesperson, media manager, or media owner.

Q: Can I buy media directly from NextMark?
A: No. Although NextMark maintains the largest index of addressable media and technology that powers the media marketplace, you can’t buy media from us. However, you can buy media through firms that use our media planning system.

Q: Can NextMark help me find my audience?
A: Yes. Use the free media finder tool.

Q: What is addressable media?
A: Any format of media that allows you to address people individually such as postal (mailing address), email (email address), telephone (phone number), online (IP address or cookie), mobile (phone number, device id). All media is becoming addressable.

Q: Does NextMark sell mailing lists or other media?
A: No. But NextMark helps others to maximize their yield through media sales tools.

Q: Can NextMark help me find someone to help me with my marketing programs?
A: Yes. Use the directory of marketing service providers.