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High-quality sales leads are the lifeblood of any media sales organization. NextMark’s Sales Lead Referral Service delivers you a steady flow of sales leads with a quality guarantee.

Meet the people who want to meet you

  • Stop cold calling & wasting your time and money
  • Connect with people who have expressed interest in your program
  • Access tools you need to convert your sales leads to satisfied customers

Enjoy the results without the risk

  • Stop risking thousands of dollars up front with no guarantee of good results
  • Pay only for the leads you get at the prices you set

Get high-quality sales leads. Guaranteed!

You need good leads to meet your objectives. With the Sales Lead Referral Service, you get high-quality sales leads that are:

  • Sales Ready: have already indicated interest in your media programs.
  • Timely: delivered to your inbox the moment they originate.
  • Targeted: from the industry, places, and markets you desire.
  • Detailed: include full contact information and purchasing specifications.
  • Actionable: delivered to a lead management console that helps you turn them into satisfied customers.*
  • Measurable: accountable through Lead Performance Reports.

*The quality of your leads is guaranteed. While we can’t guarantee every lead will turn into a multi-million dollar order, we can guarantee the leads you get are legitimate sales leads: real business people sincerely interested in your program. If not, you don’t pay for it. Period.

Get a complete lead management system

Leads listingWith the Mailing Lists Lead Referral Service, you don’t just get high-quality sales lead – you also get a complete system for turning your sales leads into satisfied customers.

The secret to successful lead generation is the underlying process of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing converts inquiries into qualified leads and starts the qualified leads on the trajectory to capture sales.

Brian J. Carroll,
Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

Work with speed and accuracy

When you get a new sales lead, you will instantly receive a New Lead Notification via email. One click of a button brings you to your Lead Console to:

  • Client profileRecord important details: As you learn more about your client’s needs, you can record your findings.
  • Set follow-up reminders: Lead management console lets you set reminders for yourself so you are always following up as you planned.
  • Review contact history: See the complete contact history so you always know who on your team is calling and when.
  • Convert leadsConvert your sales leads: No more re-typing! With one click of a button, you can automatically create new accounts, new contacts, and the list orders. Can it get any easier than that?
  • Track your results: Get reports that track every penny you spend and show you how many new accounts, new contacts, new orders, gross revenue, commissions, and return on investment you got.

How much? You set the price.

Your Leads Control Panel lets you:

  • Set your budgets: You set your spending limits for your leads. You never have to worry about the program getting “out of control.”
  • Choose your markets: You choose the industries, places, and markets you desire.
  • Set your prices: You set the prices that you feel are fair — by category — for your leads. You get a share of the leads that come in at your prices.

Change your settings any time in real-time

  • Want more leads today? Ratchet up your settings.
  • Overwhelmed with new business? Scale it back.

You are always in complete control of your lead flow and you pay exactly what you want for your leads.

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Get more details on the program and your options to participate. If you are anxious to start getting new sales leads, we can have you up and running today.

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