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The A+ Lead Finder is your solution…and it’s free!

Your audience determines your success

Experts agree at least 40% of the success of every marketing campaign depends on audience selection.

  • Talking to the wrong people
    Wasting time and money
  • Talking with the right people
    More “sales ready” lead and closing more sales

Over 100,000 highly targeted media programs available

Programs come from a variety of highly qualified sources such as website visitors, catalogue buyers, magazine subscribers and trade-show attendees. Now you can gain access to these specialized lists.

Get better sales leads

The A+ Lead Finder will help you find your ideal audience and get better results – that means higher response lists, better sales leader, faster closes, and more sales.

Total access

Launched in January 2006, the A+ Lead Finder gives you access to every addressable media program on the market:

  • The search tool reveals which programs are most relevant, most popular, least expensive, largest, and most up-to-date.
  • Data cards give you segment counts, pricing, detailed description, minimum buy-in, market, geography, source, selection variables, outpost options, and other correlated media.
  • Get More Info button makes it easy for you to get the answers you need to make your buying decisions.
  • New Audience button enables you to select desirable segments of a list that best match your market profile.
  • Place Order button routes your order directly to the right vendor.


Track your results

Each target audience gets a report card that includes key metrics such as number sent, cost per piece, number of responses rate, order rate, average order, and return on marketing investment. It provides standard reports to summarize results by campaign, by media, by time period, and more. Plus, you can develop your own reports through’s reporting system.

“You need to add this application to your salesforce”

“The NextMark A+ Lead Finder is an invaluable tool. If you’re involved in direct marketing in any way, you need to add this application to your salesforce. I use it to quickly access up to date information and availability on thousands of mailing lists, email lists, and telemarketing lists. Whether you’re looking for a list of golfers, left-handed fisherman, or C-level contacts at Biotech Firms with more than 100 PC’s, this little app will help you find it quickly and easily. Take it from me, I’m a professional list broker with over 15 years of experience using list research tools. I can’t believe this application is FREE to Salesforce users. If you’re an advertising agency, or a direct marketing firm and you don’t yet have this tool installed yet, I encourage you to take it for a test drive. This is one Salesforce application that I’m definitely keeping.”

Ruben Leon,
Spectrum Mailing Lists

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