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List ordering has never been so easy

When orders involve multiple steps and configurations, the simplest order can become overwhelming. That’s why NextMark has created a system that helps you get through your orders, faster.

Run your list media operations more profitably

With NextMark, you get a hassle-free system with bank-grade security and an Always On Guarantee . The system automates many of the critical tasks required for managing list orders and maximizing your profitability, such as:

  • Create list orders with one click of a button.
  • Automatically transfer data card details into your order.
  • Negotiate pricing, net name, exchanges, discounts, and multi-party deals.
  • Send electronic purchase orders.
  • Send electronic client confirmations.
  • Automatically track list usage.
  • Automatically track exchange balances.
  • Track orders through dozens of built-in reports and your own custom reports.
  • Automatically generate and send electronic invoices.
  • Track receivables and payables.
  • Manage cash flow and profitability for company, division, profit center, salesperson, account, campaign, and order.
  • Monitor finances through dozens of built-in reports and your own custom reports.
  • Archive critical documents such as contracts, orders, samples, and approvals.
  • And much more!

All the reporting you will ever need

Customize reportsNextMark’s List OPS comes bundled with dozens of industry standard reports to help you manage your business more effectively. Plus, you can quickly create your own proprietary reports.

The price you want

Choose from a variety of flexible pricing plans to fit your needs and your budget.


NextMark provides a hassle-free system so there’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no staff maintenance required.

And it works

Used by 60+ leading companies today, including some of the biggest in the business.

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