About Us

About NextMark

A quick company overview

NextMark’s name is a portmanteau of “Next Generation of Marketing.” Our mission is to help you successfully reach your market. We provide information and technology that powers the market for addressable media and enables media planning, media operations, and media sales.

Reach your market

NextMark solves the gnarly problem of finding a responsive audience for your marketing programs. Since 2000, it’s been serving both buyers and sellers in 15 media channels – both offline and online. More than 80,000 media and advertising programs are indexed in our searchable database. Today, more than 2,000 firms rely on NextMark to help them reach their market. Media planners have proven NextMark through more than 190,000 media plans for thousands of advertisers.

Committed to innovation

With NextMark, you get continuously improving products and services. NextMark has been recognized for delivering a wave of innovations in pursuit of its mission to help you “Reach Your Market.”

Proven track record

NextMark’s team has a proven track record of delivering some of the biggest and most secure marketing systems in the world.

Helping improve the advertising industry

NextMark is an active member of the advertising industry and of these trade groups:

Internet Advertising Bureau
Direct Marketing Association
Direct Marketing Club of New York
Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group

Financially strong

Unlike other start-ups whose lifespan is limited by their burn rate, NextMark is growing, profitable, and financially strong. We hail from New Hampshire where farmers grow corn out of granite rock. This pioneering spirit drives us to deliver great technologies faster and more cost-effectively than you might otherwise expect. This allows us to profitably deliver products and services to you at a reasonable price.

Although profitable and self-sustaining since 2003, NextMark has the solid backing of investors who are committed to improving the marketing industry including CEI Ventures, MerchantBanc Venture Partners, Turtle Hill Ventures, Venture Capital Fund of New England, and prominent individuals.

Where we are

NextMark is a privately held corporation headquartered in Hanover, New Hampshire USA with its Sales team in New York City and its Market Intelligence team in Edmond, Oklahoma.