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Pricing to fit your needs and your budget

Below is a sample of the pricing plans. Can’t find the price you need? Ask for a custom price quote. Discounts are available for pre-payment and long-term contracts. Ask your account director for a price quote.

NextMark’s hassle-free system provides everything you need, so there’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no staff maintenance required, and most importantly, no hidden costs.

Pay for minutes used

Shared minutes let you choose a price based on the time you expect to use each month.*

 Shared Minutes/month Cost/month
100 $159
250 $318
500 $531
1,000 $706
*All timed access plans include a provision for
extra minutes

Pay by user/unlimited use

Take full advantage of everything NextMark has to offer with our unlimited use plans.

Users Cost/month
1 $455
2 $602
3 $749
4 $896
5 $1,043
10 $1,705
15 $2,300
20 $2,835

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