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NextMark gives you the tools you need to get your media programs the attention they deserve.

It’s all in the numbers

  • More than 425 companies use NextMark’s Media Planning System to make purchasing decisions
  • Thousands more use our Media Finder to discover new media programs
  • In the last 12 months alone, NextMark users have made more than 400,000 recommendations to their clients
  • Recommendations led to more than $550 million in orders

These numbers only continue to grow.

Give your programs the attention they deserve

The NextMark Preferred Provider Program gives your media programs the attention they deserve through better ranking and highlighting in search results. It is designed for Media Managers who want to stand out from the crowd. Membership in this program includes the following benefits:

  • Get Noticed – Your lists will appear ahead of others in search results on the Media Finder , Media Planning System, and the A+ Lead Finder for Your listings will display the Preferred Provider Shield.
  • Get Recognition – NextMark users will appreciate your participation. Your data cards will display the Preferred Provider Logo under your company logo.
  • Get Credit – Your clients will appreciate your efforts to promote their lists effectively. As a member, you can use the Preferred Provider logo on your website, in promotions, in sales presentations, and in other collateral.

Get Results

This program is designed to give Preferred Providers an advantage. As a member, you will get more recommendations and more orders from NextMark users.


# of Data Cards Monthly Quarterly Annually
Up to 50 $50 $135 $480
Up to 100 $95 $257 $912
Up to 250 $225 $608 $2,160
Up to 500 $395 $1,067 $3,792
Up to 1,000 $595 $1,607 $5,712
Over 1,000 Inquire Inquire Inquire

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