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What do media planners think about NextMark?

NextMark has been proven through more than 125,000 media plans. Here’s a sample of the feedback from customers.

“A quantum leap ahead”

NextMark is a quantum leap ahead in the ability to target the right audiences. When I compare the tools available from NextMark to those available when I taught direct marketing just a few years ago, NextMark is light years ahead. I clearly remember dragging around the cumbersome Standard Rate and Data books to review lists in my classes. The search options and reporting features available through NextMark make that era feel like the stone age. NextMark beats every other tool that I have used.

James M. Doyle,
Professor of Direct Marketing and Database Marketing,
American University, Washington DC

“Excellent support staff”

Starting up a new company is not easy, but NextMark has made the list searching and ordering part easy. Their support staff, especially Deb Johnson, is always available to answer any questions and walk one through the ordering system. Not being computer savvy, I appreciate her knowledge, patience, and ability to remain calm during all of our talks. As we all know, a company is nothing without an excellent support staff and NextMark gets the highest grade for both its product and service.

Liz Crowfoot,
Crowfoot Direct Marketing

“There is simply only one”

NextMark comprehends the niches of the direct marketing world AND found solutions! Not even enterprise level software can attain what NextMark has with a REAL software solution for professional direct marketing companies – large and small. There is simply only one – NextMark!

Denise Joy M. Brown,
Crosslists, Cross & Company

“Our go-to source”

NextMark is our ‘go-to’ source for information about available data and marketing lists. As data providers, we utilize the flexibility of the system to display our data in true ‘user friendly’ ways. As data consumers, we often refer to NextMark as a source of information about what else may be available for our customer needs.

Donald P. Hinman,
Senior Vice President,

“Invaluable service”

NextMark provides an invaluable service for data and list owners and managers, as well as the marketers who rent these lists. As a data or list owner and manager, the NextMark suite of solutions enables the broadest exposure to marketers and a major productively boost with data and rate card management.

Mark J. Donatelli,

“More extensive research”

The NextMark research tool allows me to do more extensive research for my clients relatively quickly. I love that I have access to the NextMark research tool 24/7!

Carolyn Woodruff,
Managing Director, Brokerage,
Lake Group Media

“One stop list resource”

NextMark is truly the one stop list resource. It is very user friendly with easy navigation. One or two clicks and keywords gets you a full set of targeted lists for your review. NextMark is constantly providing updated mailing lists from only reputable list brokers or owners. No other online resource has the scope and depth for your mailing list needs.

Kraig Prange,
ACTON International

“Infinite reach, speed and results”

NextMark’s system gives us infinite reach, speed and results that we use to develop industry leading data strategies for our clients.

Michael Peterman,

“The only online tool you need”

NextMark is the best online service for sourcing lists. For anyone wanting to research the data market, this is the only online tool you need. The customer service is second to none and site is as user-friendly as you can get. I have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Molly Murphy,
Data Services Specialist,
ACTON International

“Vital information at our fingertips”

NextMark’s web based software helps us maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction by improving efficiency throughout the order entry process. It puts vital information at our fingertips to help us keep our most critical business processes operating smoothly and efficiently.

Kris Ryan,
Business Applications Manager,
Infogroup | Interactive

“Provides us with the necessary tools”

ICS has been using Nextmark for almost two years now, and I can’t imagine working without it! Nextmark provides us with the necessary tools to help both our list brokerage and list management activities run smoothly and effectively.

Andrea Hodge,
List Department Manager,
Innovative Computer Services (ICS)

“Makes list ordering fun”

The NextMark list ordering system offers ease of use and great organization and access to our transactional data. Using the system, we easily track our business month to month, by customer, category, and usage so we can make smart decisions on a dime for our client’s benefit. This system makes list ordering fun again!

Amy Benicewicz,

“NextMark gets it”

NextMark is way ahead of the curve for pure innovation and products that help suppliers like us in the direct marketplace. Here is a company that clearly understands the needs, creates solutions, networks with everyone big or small and makes the list world a better place.

Mark Lewis,
Lewis Direct, Inc.

“Makes our business better”

NextMark makes business easy! NextMark has enabled us to communicate with new customers and drive new business while simplifying our internal systems. MCH Strategic Data trusts NextMark to be a partner with innovative new tools that make our business better.

Kirk Chritton,
Director of Marketing & Product Development,
MCH Strategic Data

“All in one place”

NextMark makes it easy to keep our hundreds of datasets organized and up to date all in one place. We just signed up for the MarketMax Pro program and couldn’t be happier with the integration of our website and new traffic!

Nicole Guilbert,
Take 5 Solutions LLC

“Updating list information is seamless”

By utilizing NextMark’s MarketMax Pro service, we can easily integrate data cards for all of our lists on our website, and updating list information is seamless. Partnering with NextMark, we have seen an increase in exposure of our email and direct-mail list rental services.!

Harris Kreichman,, Inc.

“Most cost effective lead-generating source in the industry”

Most cost effective lead-generating source in the industry! SMA was looking for a way to maximize our presence on the internet, provide easy access for prospects to find us, generate additional exposure and provide datacard information is a user-friendly format for use both internally and externally. All of these goals were achieved by converting all of our datacards to Nextmark.

Katharine DeFalco,
VP of Sales & Web Master,
SMA Communications LLC

“Easy to measure and track”

NextMark has done so much more for Mardev-DM2 than host our data cards. They have helped with our search optimization and natural traffic drivers to our Website, in addition to thousands of data card views each month that they make easy to measure and track over time.

Mary N. Miller,
Director of Marketing,
Mardev – DM2

“A better way to manage and promote our data”

As a database compiler and data owner, the Nextmark system allows me to manage and update a normally-overwhelming 500+ databases and lists with ease and efficiency. There isn’t a better way to manage and promote our data to brokers and end users than through Nextmark.

Brian Whalen,
Creative Director,
KnowledgeBase Marketing

“Cut through the clutter”

NextMark enables me to get the most relevant information about our managed lists out there as it is happening. I don’t have to wait to get the data in; I can just do it. This is huge to help cut through the clutter so brokers know they are getting the latest and greatest information.

Denise Inglisa Hubbard,
Director of Sales & Marketing,
Specialized Fundraising Services, Inc.

“Great exposure for our lists”

As a small list management firm we have a limited marketing budget. NextMark provides great exposure for our lists for the dollars invested.

Jan Byrum,
Byrum & Fleming

“My lifeline”

Without NextMark, I would not be able to do my job. It is my lifeline to brokers, end users and those in-between. Since the introduction of NextMark to the Direct Marketing Industry, there has been a collective sigh of relief that someone listened to what list managers and list brokers needed to do their jobs.

Michele M. Volpe,
Vice President of Sales & Marketing,
Media Source Solutions