Educate Your Staff

Education at Every Experience Level

NextMark has partnered with the Laredo Group to bring you a variety of programs for every experience level of planning, buying, and selling of interactive media.

Become a Digital Media Expert

For optimal results, media planners need to learn and apply best practices for direct marketing and brand advertising — and understand how it all ties together. Understanding the new and relatively complicated technologies, terminologies and business models of Interactive and Digital Advertising is now a requirement to optimize direct and branding campaigns.  NextMark has teamed up with The Laredo Group to provide you with the very best Interactive Advertising Training available in the industry today.

Knowledge is Power

Digital media is changing direct marketing and brand advertising. Media technologies and platforms have changed the consumer’s ‘pathway to purchase’, requiring that new benchmarks for success be incorporated into campaigns.  Technology has enabled the integration of branding with direct response within the same campaign and creative. Knowing how to apply metrics to this new ‘brandsactional‘ advertising is essential for today’s successful media planner.

Adapt to a Changing Media Ecosystem

Data from the ad delivery, post-click and post-impression needs to be integrated into how campaigns are measured.  Properly adapted creative for direct response banners can significantly enhance performance.  Digital platforms enable real-time creative ‘versioning‘ via audience segmentation and behavioral targeting, providing even further optimization and performance.

In-Person Seminars or Online Webinars

Laredo Group in-person training is given in regularly scheduled public sessions in New York City, or can be customized for your business, products, staff, markets, and location worldwide. Laredo Group webinars are available 24/7 online , and the complete course manual for each course is express shipped to you upon registration.

Special Discount for NextMark Clients!

NextMark clients will receive a 15% discount off tuition fees for all Laredo Group seminars and webinars!  To get your staff trained at this special discounted pricing, use the referral code [ask us for the code – for clients only] on checkout after registering at or contact your Account Director at (603) 643 – 1307 or email

Other Digital Marketing Resources

The Laredo Group Glossary is a great resource, with current definitions of key terms related to online advertising.

The IAB Digital Advertising Directory helps you discover and understand the best digital media advertising programs.