Media Planning

Multi-Channel Media Planner

Everything you need, all in one place

NextMark’s Media Planning system provides what you need at an affordable price.

Multi-Channel Media Finder

Media Finder Search ResultsMedia Finder SearchUnlike other single-channel tools, you can search all addressable media types including online, mobile, postal, video, email, telephone, inserts and more

Powerful Search Engine

Advanced search features enable you to search by behaviors, interests, media types, market, inventory, category, geography, manager, unit of sale, profile, source, freshness, just to name a few

Standardized Media Kits

All the up-to-date information you need for your media plan, just the way you need it.

High Definition Data Cards

High Definition Data CardGet all the information you need on every media program: audience profile, key contacts, inventory counts, segments and placements, targeting options, pricing, creative limitations, ordering restrictions, minimum buy in, and more

Competitive Usage Data

Knowing who else has used the media is great for competitive analysis and for speeding the decision-making process

Media Genius

NextMark’s patented collaborative filtering technology reveals non-intuitive relationships between media and gives you ideas on other programs to consider for your media plan.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge ManagementLeverage your knowledge. Create and save an unlimited number of media plans. Mix and match old plans to create new plans.

Document Management

Eliminate the paper chase. Integrated document management enables you to securely store and share RFPs, media kits, proposals, presentations, and other important documents.

Proposal Generator

Proposal Generator: WordProposal Generator: ExcelImpress your clients. Produce impressive multi-channel media proposals in Excel, Word, and other formats.

Media Operations Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Media Operations systems. Go from recommendation to order with single button click.

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