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Now there’s a way better way to get in touch with media planners. Contextually Targeted Advertising (CTA) helps you be seen without the high cost of advertisements and in person meetings, or the nuisance of cold calling. With CTA, we find which of your lists best suits the planner’s needs and present that chosen list at the top of their search results.

A perfect match

With CTA you can:

  • Reach the right audience – active media planners
  • Make the right offer – your program that best meets their search criteria
  • Be in the right place – at the top of their search results
  • Be there when they need you – while they are formulating their media plan.

No other method better matches the buyer’s needs with the most relevant programs.

Be just one click away

Here’s how it works:

  • The CTA uses a proprietary algorithm to select which of your programs best meets the user’s search criteria
  • On Top Search ResultsThe chosen program is presented to the user in a highlighted area at the top of their search results
  • Your listing contains a hyperlink to complete data card information with an option to include your program in their media plan

You will reach active media planners. Just take a look at our numbers:

  • More than 425 companies use NextMark’s Media Planning System purchasing decisions
  • Thousands more use our Media Finder to discover new media programs
  • In the last 12 months alone, NextMark users have made more than 400,000 recommendations to their clients
  • Recommendations led to more than $550 million in orders

These numbers are growing every day. CTA will help you capture a larger share of this order flow and revenue.

You will get the results you need

CTA has been proven to deliver excellent financial returns. Download our ROI Calculator spreadsheet to see if it will work for you.

Reserve your spot today

A position in the CTA rotation starts at $1,900/month. Discounts are available for quarterly (5%) and annual (10%) orders. Submit your information request to get more information.

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