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Digital Media Operations

Paving the way for a new era in digital media operations

NextMark is aware of the challenges of working in an ever-changing digital medium. That’s why NextMark is taking the initiative to create a system that addresses these specific challenges.

Growing Pains

Despite growing up in a digital age, new media channels are plagued by operational difficulties.

Our Challenges

“Operational bottlenecks in the online world have created a “wall” that is almost impossible for buyers to surmount. When it comes to managing insertion orders, billing, reconciliation (of everything from impression counts to audience metrics to billing and invoices) things are, well, horrific. The agency-side costs incurred in dealing with this is overwhelming the agencies and making it impossible for them to manage online advertising buys cost-effectively, certainly as compared to what they are used to in television and print, where the “friction” costs are so much less.”

Dave Morgan,
referring to iab speech by David Kenny

Preparing for a new system

Using systems that were originally designed for broadcast media is highly problematic. These legacy systems do not adapt well to the new world of addressable media that demands dynamic pricing of invoices and bills, large numbers of small media buys, performance tracking, and a myriad of other issues.

Your Solution: Coming Soon

NextMark is taking its expertise in delivering systems that handle the specific needs of other addressable media channels with these same characteristics (lists and insert media) to deliver a new media operations platform for digital media.

Get Involved Now

Would you like to solve these operational issues at your organization? NextMark is seeking development partners to guide the development of the ultimate solution. As a development partner, you get preferred treatment and the opportunity to build the future.

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