Media Planning


NextMark won’t break your budget.

Below is a sample of the pricing plans. Can’t find the price you need? Ask for a custom price quote. Discounts are available for pre-payment and long-term contracts. Ask your account director for a price quote.

Pay for minutes used

Shared minutes let you choose a price based on the time you expect to use each month.*

Shared Minutes/month Cost/month
100 $159
250 $318
500 $531
1,000 $706
*All timed access plans include a provision for
extra minutes

Pay by user/unlimited use

Take full advantage of everything NextMark has to offer with our unlimited use plans.

Users Cost/month
1 $495
2 $660
3 $825
4 $990
5 $1,155
10 $1,898
15 $2,566
20 $3,167

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