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Create HD Data Cards

Data Cards That Do The Work For You

Increase sales, save time and money and boost your profits with the easy-to-implement NextMark Select.

Bridge the gap between your data cards and your data

NextMark Select data cardsFinally, you can connect data cards to the underlying data. How? NextMark Select creates an electronic bridge. The bridge functions as a two-way street, enabling data updates to flow to data cards and lets you request counts and orders directly from the data card.

Get more orders & bigger orders

The easier you make it to order, the more your customers will buy. With NextMark Select, customers can do online counts through a secure and controlled interface, which translates to more sales.

Save time and money

Electronic automation delivers your requests directly, and you can approve with the click of a button. Requests are automatically tracked and organized, making it easy to manage your service. Get all the control without the pain and error associated with manual processing.

Increase profits

The equation is simple. If you get more orders and reduce your costs, your profits will increase. Plus, the time you save on each request frees up time for other revenue-generating activities.

Easy to implement

The quickest and easiest way to get up and running is to host your file with a NextMark Select Certified Integration Partner. If your service bureau isn’t already on this list, we can work with them to choose and implement the best integration option.

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