About Us


NextMark’s track record

NextMark has delivered a wave of innovations in pursuit of its mission to help marketing professionals to “Reach Your Market”

  • 105,000+ data cards – the biggest index of addressable media programs
  • 1,400+ sources – the most comprehensive index of addressable media programs
  • 20,000+ updates per month – the most up-to-date index of addressable media programs
  • 12 addressable media channels covered – including online, postal mail, email, mobile, package insert, and more
  • 7.7+ million media searches – the most heavily used addressable media planning system
  • 120,000+ media plans – the most proven addressable media planning system
  • 2 patents – the most innovative addressable media planning system
  • 450+ Media Planning clients
  • 60+ Media Operations clients
  • 1,400+ Media Sales clients
  • 50+ websites activated
  • 100,000+ media sales leads delivered


  • First to apply modern search technologies to the problem of finding addressable media
  • First to identify correlations between media programs
  • First to use crowdsourcing to create and maintain index of addressable media programs
  • First to rate the quality of data cards
  • First to track the popularity of addressable media programs
  • First to provide a freely available media finder
  • First to syndicate access to data card information
  • First to deliver a fully integrated media planning and media operations system
  • First to electronically transmit mailing list purchase orders between list companies
  • First to integrate data cards with the underlying data
  • … and much more on the way!