Mailing Lists in Politics: How to Reach Your Voters

With national elections just around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to see how many political mailing lists are available. Answer: a lot. There are thousands of mailing lists for republicans, democrats, and other political affiliations. Here are some of the mailing lists I found.

Republican mailing lists

A search on “republicans” yields 590+ mailing lists including:

Democrat mailing lists

A search on “democrats” yields 460+ mailing lists including:

George Bush mailing lists

Search on “George Bush” and you find supporter lists such as:

Hillary Clinton mailing lists

When I searched on “Hillary Clinton“, I expected to find pro-Hillary lists but instead found a number of anti-Hillary lists including:

Other interesting political mailing lists

Joseph Pych is the President of NextMark, Inc., Hanover, NH and considers himself an independent when it comes to politics — sitting firmly on the fence.

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