I wish those politicians would stop calling me

Last month, I blogged on "Why do politicians ignore the do not call list?" that proposed that politicians should follow the do not call list and have truth in caller ID.

I know now more than ever this is the right thing to do.

I live in New Hampshire and tomorrow is our vote in the democratic primary — it’s the first in the nation (by state law, by the way) and is very influential because of its bellwether position.  With that influence and the results from last week’s Iowa caucus, all the campaigns are now doing a full court press on New Hampshire’s citizens, like myself.

Over this past weekend, my phone was ringing off the hook.  I would guess it rang at least once every 30 minutes, which is unusual (no teenagers in my house).  I was reluctant to answer any call because they were most likely political endorsements that I did not want to hear.  There was no way to tell for sure because the calls came through as caller ID "New Hampshire 603-000-0000" or "Virginia" or "Info Systems" or some other deceiving text.  But I was 99% sure they were political call and they never left a message.  The only message I got was a really odd one "[loud voice] George W. Bush [long pause then weasel voice] This has been a paid political announcement." 

Somebody should put a stop to all of this.  It’s just wrong.

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