Usage: The Holy Grail of list research?

NextMark Usage DataBase

Over the years developing solutions for list brokers, I’ve been advised may times that we should figure out a way to compile and integrate list usage data into our list research system.  One or two have gone as far to say, "usage is the Holy Grail of list data."  I’m not so sure about that, but usage data is definitely some powerful information.  So, we’ve been thinking about this for quite a while.

As it turns out, the hard part — compiling the usage data — was already started for us by Marketing Information Network.  This has been an active project for mIn for quite a while and they’ve compiled an impressive database of 190,000 usage records.  After joining forces four months ago, we made it a priority to enhance the NextMark software to enable you to capitalize on this powerful information.

And it’s now available!  We just introduced the new List Usage DataBase (UDB) option along with with version 6.10 of our software platform.

Now, with access to the UDB, you can search for lists used by a given mailer, see usage on a given list, and create a usage analysis with a click of a button. 

Usage has always been part of the list research process, but it has always been expensive and time consuming.  The UDB streamlines this process to a point where "it’s finally feasible for every list broker to do a usage analysis with every list recommendation."

For more information about the UDB, including a video and sample output, go to the Usage DataBase information sheet.

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