NextMark Releases 4Q08 Data Card Quality Report

Hanover, NH – January 12, 2009 – NextMark, Inc. a leading provider of direct marketing tools and resources, today published its fourth quarter 2008 Data Card Quality Report. Among the findings were emerging list managers with expanded data card portfolios in the 500+ data category.

Data Card Quality Report“It’s encouraging to see the increased level of engagement in the data card update process,” noted Scott Chilcutt, Vice President of NextMark and head of the Marketing Information Network list services operation. “While it is important not to confuse data card quality with list quality, counts are changing all the time and a neglected data card could be a warning sign of a neglected list.”

The scoring process is reviewed on a quarterly basis, and subsequently refined to address list specific criteria. Individual data card scores are calculated using a weighted average of thirteen attributes, with an emphasis on recent updates. A list manager’s score is the average of all the data card scores in their portfolio.

“With more than 60,000 mailing lists on the market and 40 percent of direct marketing success contingent on list selection, you need quality data cards to make the best purchasing decisions,” said Joseph Pych, President of NextMark.

The Data Card Quality Report includes a ranking of list management companies by data card quality. The top 5 companies for the fourth quarter of 2008 are listed below for each category:

Category I (500+ Titles)

  1. ALC
  2. Statlistics
  3. Edith Roman & ePostDirect
  4. Direct Media
  5. Lake Group Media

Category II (250 – 499 Titles)

  1. Complete Mailing Lists
  2. Take 5 Solutions
  3. Act One Mailing List Services
  4. List Connection
  5. The List Experts

Category III (100 – 249 Titles)

  1. Charles Moore Associates
  3. W.S. Ponton
  4. Complete Medical Lists
  5. DM2

Category IV (50 – 99 Titles)

  1. Political Fundraising Lists
  2. NCRI List Management
  3. Marketing Advisory Group
  4. Profile America List Company
  5. Market Builders

For a complete report of the top list managers, including risers and fallers, visit NextMark’s web site:

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