First contact: data cards meet data

NextMark reached a big milestone today. We've successfully connected a data card with the underlying mailing list data:

data cards meet data

Why is this a big deal?

First, this technology will transform a process that takes up to 48 hours to complete into one that only takes a couple of seconds. Besides the dramatic improvement in turnaround time, there are lots of other benefits that will enable more effective and efficient marketing programs.

Second, we are not just connecting one data card to one list. This is a test of a platform that will potentially connect all 60,000+ data cards to the underlying lists in a super-secure and reliable way. Now, that's the really cool part.

This is not yet generally available, but soon will be. The development team is cranking. This new technology is slated for release in the second quarter 2009.

Stay tuned… more to come!

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