Encouraging Employees to Serve the Upper Valley

CRC Service Day - 2932 A new NextMark / marketing INFORMATION network (mIn) employee benefit was added this year, providing paid time off (PTO) for community service. This benefit encourages employees to take time away from the 'busyness of business', get away from the office, and do some community service work.

One local Christian organization, Christ Redeemer Church facilitated a Service Project Day on July 15, 2009. One NextMark employee (me) decided to participate. It was tough work painting a pool house in the sun, but I enjoyed every minute of it — especially the people I got to work with that afternoon.

Over 180 volunteers were sent out to 23 different locations, serving various organizations and individuals throughout the Upper Valley. CRC Service Day - 2936

"Collectively we logged over 700 volunteer hours. This is by far the largest number ever! It was awesome to see how many volunteers rallied for this monumental effort," said Don Willeman, Pastor of Christ Redeemer Church (CRC).

"One of the highlights was the incredible accomplishment of our crew at Storrs Pond. We took on the repainting of the pool area bathhouse—a task the Storrs Pond staff was skeptical we could complete. Matthew Marshall, the General Manager of the Hanover Improvement Society, was stunned not only with the quality of the work, but also with the fact that we were able to get it done in just one day. Many worked late into the evening, in order to complete the work."

Here are a few other organizations that benefited from 2009 Service Project Day:


  • Hanover Police Department
  • Hanover High School
  • Richard W. Black Community Center in Hanover
  • Upper Valley Hostel in Hanover
  • Howe Library in Hanover
  • David’s House in Lebanon
  • Upper Valley Land Trust in Hanover
  • Hanover Water Works
  • Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich
  • The Family Place in Norwich
  • The Haven in White River Junction
  • The Re-Cover Store in White River Junction
  • Upper Valley Senior Center in Lebanon
  • Lebanon Recreation Department
  • Seminary Hill School in Lebanon
  • Hannah’s House in Lebanon

CRC Service Day - 2995 It was encouraging to see how much was accomplished in a single day! I was impressed by how many of our youth were engaged in different service activities. It was a very hot day and I did not hear a single complaint from any of them.


The new PTO for Community Service benefit is available to all NextMark and mIn employees located in New Hampshire, New York, and Oklahoma.

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