How to save the Post Office?

The US Postal Service lost $3.8 billion last year. While still one of the most effective marketing channels, postal mail is in danger of extinction. Can the post office be saved? Postal Journal is a new website that aims to find a solution.

Postal Journal's mission is:

To explore the evolution of the American postal system as part of the nation's 21st century economic and communication infrastructure. To facilitate an exchange of postal perspectives by individuals without regard to past or present occupational affiliations.

The website is not high on design, but it contains links to a number of interesting proposals, such as the "Examination of Potential Postal Business Models" by Alan Robinson. He studies various models and proposes consideration of a private corporate model as other services have done successfully:

Postal Operators Spectrum of Business Models

Is Robinson's the right business model? That's a good debate. And it's good that the Postal Journal website is presenting this idea and many others for consideration. Unfortunately, the website is not interactive… it would be very helpful to see discussion and debate related to the various proposals.

The Postal Journal site has been made possible through the support of the Association for Postal Commerce, Direct Communications Group, the Direct Marketing Association, the Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation, and the Mailing and Fulfillment Service Association – all of whom have a vested interest in a viable postal service.

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