Now available: an “air traffic control” system for managing digital media RFPs and proposals

Media Magnet version 2.0 is now available. This upgrade introduces an “air traffic control” system for media planners at digital agencies who want to easily manage all their digital media RFP’s, RFC‘s, and proposals in one place. The improvements include:

1) Alerts and Invitations – This new section gives you 20/20 visibility into who has received alerts and invitations.
2) Contact list – For each alert sent, now you can see who got it.
3) Program list – For each publisher, now you can see a list of their properties that match your criteria.
4) Block button – Now you can block a publisher from submitting a proposal. This is handy in cases where you are already dealing with them in some other way or just don’t want to get a proposal.
5) Unblock button – If you change your mind about someone you’ve blocked, you can easily unblock to allow proposals
6) Invite others – This new button enables you invite others to submit proposals for your media plans. It’s effectively an RFP but a lot easier.
7) Status – Now you can see the status of every alert and invitation you’ve sent.  You can see if your RFPs have been viewed or responded to

Here’s a sample screen shot showing these new features:

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