Google recognizes NextMark’s Edmond location as the 2013 eCity of Oklahoma

Edmond, Oklahoma

We’re sometimes asked “why do you have an office in Edmond, Oklahoma?” With so many of our customers located in the New York Metro area, it may seem an unusual location for an office.

The main reason NextMark is in Edmond is because we have a great team there. They joined NextMark along with our 2008 acquisition of Marketing Information Network. These Market Intelligence Specialists are the brains and the brawn that creates the data cards you find our Mailing List Finder and Digital Advertising Directory. They’ve decades of experience gathering, standardizing, cataloging, and curating information about advertising programs in all kinds of media channels – we currently support 18 media channels ranging from trusty old postal mail to the latest digital advertising channels. Their experience shows in the accuracy and comprehensiveness of more than 125,000 listings in NextMark’s directories.

Another reason is the great business environment in Edmond. We’re not the only ones that think so: Google last week recognized Edmond, Oklahoma as the 2013 eCity of Oklahoma for being the strongest online business community in the state. Edmond is one of a select few cities in the U.S. that won this award.

Congratulations to the city and all the businesses in Edmond for being recognized for what we already knew: it’s great to be in Edmond!

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