Release Notes for Version 7.11

The NextMark system upgrade on Thursday, September 8, 2011 includes 20 software improvements, including the following highlights:

  • A new data card wizard that:
    • Improves data entry and editing
    • Adds a separate data card format for digital advertising programs
  • A batch update capability for key dates on data cards

A detailed list of improvements is shown below.

Area Type Improvement
Media New Feature New data card/media wizard
A new wizard has been added to make it easier to add and edit data cards.  Also, media types now drive the data card/media format and a new format has been added to better reflect digital advertising programs. In addition, these specific changes have been made:

  • Removed Edit button at the top of the data card view.  The Edit buttons next to each section takes you to the corresponding panel in the wizard.
  • Removed Standard Categorization as a manager function, as it will now be performed by NextMark Auditors.
  • Removed Publish screen from primary wizard to separate data card editing functions from Publishing & Email functions, which also allows for more accurate data card review process prior to publishing.
  • Reordered wizard screens and restructured data to flow better with data entry processes.
  • Updated addressing to behave in the same manner as selects.
  • Updated contacts to make it easier to manage and allow separation from member profile.
  • Removed ‘Counts Thru’ date on the Segments panel, keeping only ‘Counts Valid as of’ date, to eliminate confusion around definitions and correspond better with the data card view.
  • Added Cancellation Instruction field to Ordering panel, allowing for separation between Special Instructions.
Media New Feature Enable batch updating of data cards
Allows users to update data card ‘valid as of’ and ‘last update’ dates in batches (one screen list at a time).
Media New Feature Update data card edit to use Broker Detail format in email
When emailing data card from Publish screen, the system now uses same version as broker detail.
Media New Feature Removed record limit on data card quality spreadsheet
Management customers can now view all cards in the data card quality spreadsheet download.
Media New Feature Change history display for Auditors
When a NextMark Auditor makes edits to a data card, (Auditor) will display next to their name to clarify as a valid edit.
Media New Feature Added second dimension to select count display
Expanded select counts to support second dimension counts, such as recency by dollar amount.
Media New Feature Added support for blank select detail counts
Provides the ability to include Select Detail Counts that are blank.
Media New Feature Allow bulk data card contact updates
Support for bulk updates of data card contacts via account contacts has been added.
Media Bug Fix Data card profile details added to RTF
Ensure profile details are always included in RTF downloads.
Media Bug Fix Media search results spreadsheet downloads
Users can now download broker or client spreadsheets from the media search results screen.
Campaigns Bug Fix Ability to copy campaigns
Allows users without campaign order create permissions to copy orders and campaigns.
Campaigns Bug Fix Ability to edit profit center on campaigns without names
Updates the campaign edit screen to allow users to change the profit center on a campaign with no campaign name.
Campaigns Bug Fix Disabled enter key on campaign page
Disabled enter/return key so users do not inadvertently remove media from a campaign.
Campaigns Bug Fix Campaign proposal PDFs to exclude rejected media
Campaign proposals (PDF format) now exclude media that have been rejected.
Campaigns Bug Fix Generate Proposal options in Safari
Full options on the Generate Proposal dialog are now supported on Safari browser.
Campaigns Bug Fix Generate Proposal button enabled
Enabled the “Generate Proposal” button on campaign screen as soon as any media are added.
Orders Bug Fix Order copy includes additional fields
Copied orders now include the Net Name rate, discount and commission copied from the original order along with the Net Name percentage.
General New Feature Login screen redesign
The NextMark login and password recovery screens have been redesigned.
Contacts Bug Fix Ability to remove all roles from a contact
When editing a contact, unchecking all roles and saving now removes all of the roles.
Admin Bug Fix Profit center edits added to history
Added profit center edits to the changes recorded under history.
Total = 20 improvements