Media Planning

What is a Data Card?

A data card is a standardized representation of a media program. Some media planners describe a data card as a “media kit on steroids.” NextMark successfully pioneered the data card concept as the standard in offline media and it is now adapting it to digital media programs such as websites, ad networks, mobile ad programs, and digital video ad programs.

The Benefits of Data Cards

Media Planners like data cards because it makes it easy to find, compare, and include media programs in their media plan. Ad sales people like data cards because it eliminates cold calls and drives warm leads from professional buyers.

The Unique Features of Data Cards

Data cards give you intelligence that you won’t find in other media planning tools:

  1. Description – audited description of media program suitable for presentation to your clients (all the important information without sales hyperbole)
  2. Popularity – an index of the popularity among other media planners
  3. Privacy – easily filter out media programs that don’t comply with your client’s privacy policy
  4. Inventory –reveal the ad inventory (go beyond unique visitors and page views)
  5. Site Analytics – integrate third party site analytics tools such as comScore
  6. Placements – know all the standard placement options
  7. Placement inventory – know the inventory of each placement
  8. Pricing – know the standard rates for each placement
  9. Creative – know the creative specs (and limitations) of each placement
  10. Targeting – know the targeting options for the site
  11. Profile – know the unique profile of the site (not just the generic profile)
  12. Introduction – access introductory videos and slideshows
  13. Documents – download media kits, screen shots, and other key documents
  14. Ordering information – know the standard “deal”
  15. Notes – securely add your own private notes on each media program
  16. Reviews – view feedback on each media program
  17. Usage – know which other advertisers have used this media program
  18. Genius recommendations – automatically know which other media programs go well with this media program – great for new ideas
  19. Categories – search using iab-compliant and custom categories
  20. Request a Proposal– click a button to request a proposal
  21. Add to Campaign – click a button to add this program to the media plan of your campaign
  22. Multi-channel – one system for all addressable media programs – offline and digital
  23. Contacts – up-to-date contact information will save time getting additional details and special arrangements