NextMark Awarded Patent for Its System for Generating Highly Responsive Mailing Lists

Hanover, NH – July 19, 2007 – NextMark, Inc., a leading provider of tools and resources to buy mailing lists, sell mailing lists, and learn about mailing lists, announced today it has been awarded a patent for a new mailing list selection technique it has invented. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued NextMark patent number 7,246,077 for its Systems and Methods for Generating Highly Responsive Mailing Lists.

Highly Correlated Lists

The patent describes a method for generating a highly targeted mailing list of prospective customers for a list purchaser at least partially based on successful prospect lists previously used by the list purchaser, based on prospect lists used by related list purchasers, based on current customers of the list purchaser, or based on any combination of this data. The systems and methods of the present invention are particularly suited to network-based prospect list services that provide prospect lists from a database to direct marketers over the Internet.

“With rising postage rates and waning tolerance of junk mail and spam, it’s more important than ever to send your marketing promotions to recipients who welcome your offer,” said Joseph Pych, the inventor and President of NextMark.

“It’s unfortunate, but many marketers fall into the trap of using a one-size-fits-all list for their marketing campaigns. Because the list accounts for 40% or more of the success of a campaign, using an untargeted list will result in a lot of waste that will be regarded as junk mail or spam and promptly discarded. And you won’t get the results you promised. This new technique we’ve developed makes it easy for you to find lists of people who will appreciate and respond to your offer.”

“For example, suppose you are trying to reach women who buy upscale casual clothes through catalogs. Your search might reveal the Boston Proper Catalog Buyers mailing list. When you view the data card for the list, you will find a list of other mailing lists to consider such as Coldwater Creek, Bloomingdale’s by Mail, J. Jill, Newport News, and Garnet Hill. These suggestions are generated by complex algorithms, but the result is simple to understand and easy to use: it shows you which lists should work best for you.”

“This technology will help you reach soccer moms, chief information officers, political donors, or any other market. You won’t find this anywhere except through NextMark.”

Copies of the patent are available through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. NextMark has already implemented aspects of the technology with its Highly Correlated Lists feature, which can be seen through its mailing lists search tool and list research systems. NextMark will implement the remaining aspects of the technology in future product releases.

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