NextMark awarded patent for mailing list selection techniques

I am happy to report that NextMark was just awarded US patent 7,246,077 entitled "Systems and Methods for Generating Highly Responsive Mailing Lists."  I am happy for 2 reasons: (1) we got it and (2) it’s finally over.

Regarding reason #2: the patent process takes a lot of patience.  We filed for this patent 7 years ago and it took this long to finally issue.  It’s been a long haul on this and I am happy we have finally reached the finish line.  Our lawyers at Foley Hoag were quite helpful in navigating the process.

Regarding reason #1: patents are by design very hard to get but the bar has recently been raised much higher on business method patents such as this one.  Your invention has to be very special to get approved.  So, it’s quite an honor to be awarded the patent with such high standards.

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