Epsilon List Finder launched

Epsilon_logoI am happy to report we just helped Epsilon to launch a new mailing list finder tool on their website.  They employed our MarketMax Pro technology to streamline the implementation.  it was delivered on-time and under budget (we rock ;-).

Epsilon has some good lists and services.  One of the more interesting ones is their Pre-mover file.  They are somehow able to identify people before they move. According to their data card:

"Epsilon’s pre-mover model provides marketers with a link to consumers before they move. Powered by Epsilon’s advanced analytics team of over 60 PhD’s and statisticians, this pre-mover model identifies new movers 1-3 months prior to their actual move date and is validated against actual move data on a monthly basis, allowing marketers to reach new movers before their services have been selected."

Very innovative! New movers spend a lot of money and make many of their purchase decisions before they move.  If you contact them after they move, you are probably too late!

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