Quality Data Cards and Analytics

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

NextMark released its first quarter 2010 data card quality rankings this morning (press release). When I think about all of the new digital media competing for our attention, I am amazing at how much marketing insight can still be gained from data cards, and I’m not alone. Data cards provide valuable insight for prospecting:

“When it comes to prospecting for new customers, there is no better research tool than the data card,” said Britt Vatne, Executive Vice President of Data Management at ALC. “Despite the proliferation of digital media, data card analytics are still the best source of targeted information for new customer acquisition. However, if the information isn’t maintained in a timely manner, then much of that value is lost.” (more…)

Amity Direct adds list research widget to web site

Friday, November 13th, 2009

It didn't take long for the first multi-channel marketing services provider to add the Mailing Lists Search Tool widget to their web site. Amity Direct found the deployable search tool on the NextMark blog and installed it within the hour.

"Yet another great idea from NextMark that's quick and easy to use," says Jerry Mamola, Managing Partner at Amity Direct. "It only took a few minutes to add it to the site. My partner just copied and pasted some html code from the blog page onto our site and it was done – technology never used to be this easy to implement."

It's important to focus on your unique value proposition and keep your online visitors close with quality tools and resources. For Amity Direct, the focus is helping their clients with multi-channel integration and break-through creative.

"We work hard to find and retain more customers for our clients. AmityLogo The mailing lists search tool provides our clients and web site visitors with access to all of the market research and intelligence they desire and deserve," says Jerry Mamola. "Marketers can now review their prospect markets at their own pace using our site, and we can spend more time doing what we do best — marrying traditional direct marketing strategies with break-through creative, then making the most of it with new interactive tools, CRM integration, and the latest in mobile media."

Click here to add the tool to your web site or blog — it's very easy and only takes a minute.

Harold Pratt Beats the Economy with NextMark and MIN

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Harold Pratt Harold Pratt, president of Pratt Direct Marketing, knows how to survive and thrive in a down economy. He’s discovered how to do more with less by exploiting NextMark and mIn. According to "Meet the Broker: Harold Pratt":

"I would say you can do a lot more," he says. "You can handle a lot more business with one or two people than you could back then and list searching is a lot easier today, using tools like NextMark and MIN than in the olden days of having to leaf through an SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Systems) directory."

Mr. Pratt knows that an inefficient back room operation will steal time and money from you every day. He’s implemented tools that enable him to spend more time delivering valuable insights and advice to clients and less time on “grunt work.” Now that’s smart business!

Mailing list quality vs. data card quality — what’s the difference?

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

It's simple. A data card is the marketing document that describes a mailing list.

A quality data card does not guarantee a quality mailing list, but you can have a top quality list that is neglected from a marketing perspective (i.e. a poor quality data card). First impressions count, and the data card is most often the first impression that a broker or mailer receives when researching new test lists for a direct marketing campaign.

To be blunt – you wouldn't serve a T-bone on a trash can lid, would you?

I'm not sure everyone thinks this way when it comes to data cards. The t-bone steak represents a quality mailing list with an exceptional test-to-continuation ratio. The trash can lid represents a neglected data card for that same mailing list. Think about this analogy from the perspective of a list broker or mailer.

You select a mailing list of active subscribers that matches your customer profile. The mailing list is marketed by a credible list manager with industry knowledge, a proven track record for customer service, and a diverse portfolio of quality response list titles. Futhermore, the mailing list you selected is known for its success in delivering above average response rates and lifetime value. You are ready to add this list title to your client's new test recommendation.

Not so fast! You notice that the data card has not been updated in over 6 months. Furthermore, you are ordering a monthly hotline so you have no idea what range the counts will be in.

Needless to say, you're likely to question the validity of the information. You may wonder if the mailing list is still available for rental, or you may find out that the owner of the data card is no longer the list manager because they lost the business to a competitor and never deactivated their version of the data card. That's obviously not something the former list manager would want to promote in the public domain, but it happens.

What's the take-away in all of this? It's simple. Keep your data cards up-to-date with quality information on all of the list research channels, especially in the public domain where your content is most visible.

A ranking of list managers by data card quality is published quarterly.

Dcqr-sample re-launched on NextMark technology

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


NextMark just helped Infinite Media to relaunch its website. It now provides marketers with a free mailing list search engine coupled with free mailing list advice from live experts.

It's an interesting adaptation of NextMark's mailing list search technology and data card database. See for yourself at

ePostDirect renovates website with MarketMax Pro

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

ePostDirect data card

ePostDirect recently completed a website overhaul with the help of MarketMax Pro, which made the data cards piece of this project a snap. They gave us their design template and we did the rest of the implementation. Besides the nice look of the website, they now get instant website publishing, new search and category tools, and built-in search engine optimization. They'll get more exposure for their mailing lists. And it's cheaper than the old system. Can't beat that!

Edith Roman website activated with MarketMax Pro

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Edith Roman MarketMax Pro website

Edith Roman Associates just renovated their website. Our MarketMax Pro service was used for the data cards section for the mailing lists they manage. Now, their list managers can update their data cards instantly. The new search engine makes it easy for website visitors to find the lists they need. And the data cards will be accessible through Google, Yahoo, and others through built-in search engine optimization.

I think their design is a nice one. Very professional and simple – just my style. Check it out.

Act One Lists unveils new mailing list search tool

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Act One Lists mailing list search tool

Yesterday, Act One Lists unveiled their new list search tool. It allows you to search through their portfolio of ~250 mailing lists under management to find the list that best suits your needs. The website is powered by NextMark's MarketMax Pro service.

Direct Media activates website with MarketMax Pro

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Direct Media mailing list search tool

Direct Media just relaunched the managed lists section of their website using NextMark's MarketMax Pro data card publishing service. Direct Media supplied the graphic design. NextMark supplied the technology to manage the content. Their ~1,300 data cards are now automatically updated, indexed, and searchable. Direct Media has one of the biggest portfolios of lists available — maybe there's a perfect list for you? Take a look.

NOBLEVentures activates their website with NextMark’s MarketMax Pro

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Noble_venturesNOBLEVentures has just activated the data cards on their website using NextMark’s MarketMax Pro Service.  Besides making it a snap to update their data cards instantly, they also get the benefit of search engine optimization.  Bottom line: reduce costs through productivity + increase sales through website optimization = higher profits for NOBLEVentures.

You can see their implementation here:

Learn more about MarketMax Pro here: