ThruChannel launches new list search tool with NextMark

Thruchannel_2 ThruChannel just deliver a new list search tool on their website with the help of NextMark’s MarketMax Pro service.  I am happy to report it was delivered on time and under budget.

ThruChannel’s distinguishes itself by the way they source their lists.  According to their website:

"ThruChannel is a premier List Management company providing targeted, multi channel,dynamic list products. We’re in a unique position to offer the greatest volume and the fastest speed to market.

"Through our unique relationship with one of the largest internet marketing firms, we provide lists with multiple data points per category.

"To effectively reach consumers in the marketplace today, companies need fresh data from multiple channels. Data that is 30 to 60 days old doesn’t cut it anymore – you need data that’s current, in order to keep up with your customer’s immediate needs."

It allows them to provide some useful lists like Need for Speed – thruchannel NASCAR Fanatics.  Interesting stuff.

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