mIn Data And Maximum Value

Since 1989, marketing INFORMATION network (mIn) has built its reputation on providing exceptional data quality backed by world-class customer service. For nearly two decades, the mIn data has been used by thousands of direct marketing professionals to provide their clients with quality list recommendations for new customer acquisition. This has lead to millions of list rental continuation orders and customer success stories.

With the turn of the new millenimum, NextMark began the development of integrated solutions for streamlining the direct marketing process. More time became available for providing value-added services like campaign analysis, circulation planning, sales and marketing as NextMark users embraced the new technology. Recommendations containing hundreds of list titles and data cards were a mouse click away from being instantly converted to orders. Finance was integrated with order processing, while DMAX enabled the sharing of purchase order information between list brokers and list managers. If only the best of both worlds were combined, then we'd have something REALLY exciting to talk about!

Well, the time has finally come for maximizing the value of mIn data and NextMark's technology. Effective May 1, 2008, NextMark and marketing INFORMATION network have joined forces to create a unified organization dedicated to the future of the list industry. Nextmin_logo_3 This is not only a big win for data quality across the board, but also a stepping stone for future innovations. Solidifying the core list research database is a critical step in moving forward with development initiatives that will reduce costs and alleviate complexities related to the process of new customer acquisition. Furthermore, list managers will benefit from search engine optimized platforms designed to reach the next generation of direct marketers. Stay tuned — there's more good news to come!

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