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Harold Pratt Beats the Economy with NextMark and MIN

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Harold Pratt Harold Pratt, president of Pratt Direct Marketing, knows how to survive and thrive in a down economy. He’s discovered how to do more with less by exploiting NextMark and mIn. According to "Meet the Broker: Harold Pratt":

"I would say you can do a lot more," he says. "You can handle a lot more business with one or two people than you could back then and list searching is a lot easier today, using tools like NextMark and MIN than in the olden days of having to leaf through an SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Systems) directory."

Mr. Pratt knows that an inefficient back room operation will steal time and money from you every day. He’s implemented tools that enable him to spend more time delivering valuable insights and advice to clients and less time on “grunt work.” Now that’s smart business!

Installing the Mailing Lists Search Tool

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

To add the mailing lists search tool to your web site and provide your visitors with access to over 60,000 mailing lists, just copy and paste the following code into the HTML document where you want the search tool to appear:


Marketfish aims to put List Brokers and List Managers out of business

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Xconomy Seattle today reported on Marketfish, a new startup that plans to put list brokers and list managers out of business. According to the article,

Previous companies like NextMark and min (Marketing Information Network) tried various approaches in the pre-Google days, [Marketfish CEO Dave] Scott says, but they largely failed to solve the list marketing problem. "They wanted to play nice with all the middlemen. We’re going to cut them out," he says. "It’s a bold strategy."

Interestingly, Marketfish hopes to sell its services to advertising agencies… aren't agencies middlemen, too? Won't the agencies will be wise enough to predict the future of this relationship?

Marketfish reports to have recently closed a seed round with Alliance of Angels. I have to wonder if Marketfish disclosed two other companies with the same disintermediation strategy, Adventa and Alistia, who burned through tens of millions of investor dollars before going bankrupt without any success. Or the fact that using a list broker is by choice?


For the record, NextMark has done quite well with a "play nice" strategy and has amassed the most comprehensive and up-to-date index of mailing lists available today with more than 100,000 data cards sourced in cooperation with 1,400 mailing list suppliers. We recognize our position as a marketplace technology provider and respect the roles that list brokers, list managers, agencies, service bureaus, and other suppliers play in the ecosystem. These relationships are one of NextMark's biggest assets. Our suite of products and services enable suppliers to work together more cohesively to achieve the mutual goal of helping marketers to reach their market.

As Marketfish observes, there are certainly huge inefficiencies in the marketplace. But it's important to recognize the experience and expertise that would be lost by "cutting out the middlemen." NextMark is streamlining the marketplace while preserving – and enhancing - the value of these critical roles.

The Quest for Better Mailing List Information

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Direct Magazine just published an article by Lee Kroll of Kroll Direct Marketing called "The Quest for Better Data Cards."

Mr. Kroll first speaks of the importance of data cards:

Let's all agree that the datacard is still the most effective sales tool that list owners and managers utilize to promote their mailing lists and direct marketing services to list brokers and mailers.

Mr. Kroll suggests that data cards deserve the attention of senior management and should not be relegated to a junior person in the back room:

The datacard writing and update process should be a "top-down" task, not a "bottom-up" task. It takes "real" industry leaders to demand higher quality datacards to be created and maintained.

He cites problems that result from inaccurate and incomplete data cards:

Surprisingly, there are some list management companies that intentionally leave critical information off their datacards, and believe that if a broker needs additional information that they will call the list manage, so the manager will have an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell the broker. The reality is that today, the broker doesn't have time to play that game and needs vital information at their fingertips without having to make multiple requests for basic information that should already be provided.

It is also very frustrating when a broker reviews a datacard only to find that there are a significant number of excellent selections, offered but no quantities listed. The broker has no idea of whether or not that particular mailing list will ultimately provide enough records for the client's specific parameters or meet the minimum order quantity.

Let me tell you… maintaining an electronic data card database is not easy.

But with 20 years of experience, mIn and NextMark have invented technology and efficient procedures that enable us to produce the most complete and up-to-date database available today. You see the proof in our mailing list search toollist research system, and audited data card database that contains more than 60,000 active listings (and more than 90,000 data cards overall).

As Mr. Kroll observed, data cards and good mailing list information is absolutely critical to making good decisions about circulation plans and to the results of your direct mail program. Experts agree that 40% or more of your success depends on your choice of mailing lists! That's why we've worked so hard to build and maintain this database.

Despite years of continuous innovation, we are still finding new ways to improve. For example, our next software release will connect data cards to data. This technological leap has far-reaching business implications. Not the least of which is making it easier to maintain the counts on a data cards and enriching the data card with in-depth profile information (actual screen shot):


This new profile will be available early June along with NextMark Select in NextMark version 7.0. We'll be showing off the new technology at the FastForward and DM Days Conferences (let us know if you want a personal demonstration).

And we certainly won't stop there… our quest to enable you to "Reach Your Market" by delivering you "Customers On-Demand" will keep us busy with new innovations for many years to come.

List Leaders Speak From The Heart

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

The DMA Fast Forward Conference ended with a heartfelt message this evening from the 2008 List Leader of the Year award recipient. After a long day of strategic thinking and challenges from experts outside of the list business, it was refreshing to hear words of wisdom and optimism from Linda Huntoon, Executive Vice President of Consumer List Brokerage for Direct Media, Inc. The industry veteran was honored by her peers, family and friends for an unwavering commitment to her clients and to the list and data marketing industry. Her acceptance speech reminded list professionals, young and old, that the customer is king and exceptional service is key to sustaining a healthy business regardless of the media or response channels you support. Undoubtedly, the industry has survived and will continue to thrive with added value and measurable results.

The 2008 Ron Davis Young List Professional of the Year was awarded to Tim Hickman of ALC, Inc. Tim hit the ground running in ALC's Data Management Division with a remarkable attitude. At times, it seemed like he was having more fun selling segments and selects than sipping suds on a Saturday night. Tim found joy in helping his coworkers, clients and customers throughout the day regardless of the problem at hand. This rising star finds a way to get the job done and have fun doing it — and he makes everyone around him just feel good.

And there was Scott Chilcutt, whose industry contributions required the introduction of a new award — the Industry Innovation Award. A few seasoned list industry veterans put Scott's contributions in the context of list marketing circa 1989 when list marketing information was only to be found on paper, in proprietary databases, or in an SRDS book. That was the same time when marketing INFORMATION network began with three employees, no clients, and Scott's vision for the future of mailing list research and recommendations. The vision was realized with an electronic standardized data card database that replaced internal data card compilation tasks with top shelf data, world-class service, and added value for list brokers and their clients. Scott now heads up the mIn Strategic Business Unit for NextMark providing services to include search engine optimization and advertising for list managers, as well as fully-integrated list order processing solutions for all direct marketers.

Each award recipient spoke from the heart with words of integrity that clearly revealed their character. Congratulations Linda, Tim and Scott on your achievements and for making our not so little world of lists a better place to work!

mIn Data And Maximum Value

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Since 1989, marketing INFORMATION network (mIn) has built its reputation on providing exceptional data quality backed by world-class customer service. For nearly two decades, the mIn data has been used by thousands of direct marketing professionals to provide their clients with quality list recommendations for new customer acquisition. This has lead to millions of list rental continuation orders and customer success stories.

With the turn of the new millenimum, NextMark began the development of integrated solutions for streamlining the direct marketing process. More time became available for providing value-added services like campaign analysis, circulation planning, sales and marketing as NextMark users embraced the new technology. Recommendations containing hundreds of list titles and data cards were a mouse click away from being instantly converted to orders. Finance was integrated with order processing, while DMAX enabled the sharing of purchase order information between list brokers and list managers. If only the best of both worlds were combined, then we'd have something REALLY exciting to talk about!

Well, the time has finally come for maximizing the value of mIn data and NextMark's technology. Effective May 1, 2008, NextMark and marketing INFORMATION network have joined forces to create a unified organization dedicated to the future of the list industry. Nextmin_logo_3 This is not only a big win for data quality across the board, but also a stepping stone for future innovations. Solidifying the core list research database is a critical step in moving forward with development initiatives that will reduce costs and alleviate complexities related to the process of new customer acquisition. Furthermore, list managers will benefit from search engine optimized platforms designed to reach the next generation of direct marketers. Stay tuned — there's more good news to come!