NextMark Refines Its List Manager Data Card Ranking

Hanover, NH – June 23, 2008 – NextMark, Inc., a leading provider of direct marketing tools and resources, today revealed the updated ranking of top list managers by data card quality in its Data Card Quality Report.

top 50 data card quality sealThis quarterly report was first introduced in December 2007 and has now been enhanced to include up to 50 list managers in each of four categories by number of titles. The reporting process was also refined by compiling data cards for which all 13 data card quality attributes apply.

“You can’t make good mailing list purchasing decisions without good data cards,” said Joseph Pych, president of NextMark. “The purpose of the Data Card Quality Report is to identify and reward those list managers who are producing great information for the benefit of marketers, list brokers, and list owners.”

The top 5 companies for the second quarter of 2008 are listed below for each category:

Category I (500+ Titles)

  1. ALC
  2. Paramount Lists
  3. Millard Group
  4. Direct Media
  5. Specialists Marketing Services

Category II (250 – 499 Titles)

  1. Lighthouse List Company
  2. Complete Mailing Lists
  3. Take 5 Solutions
  4. Media Source Solutions
  5. Belardi/Ostroy

Category III (100 – 249 Titles)

  1. W.S. Ponton
  2. Netprospex
  3. Q5 List Marketing
  4. List Bargains
  5. Vayan Marketing

Category IV (50 – 99 Titles)

  1. Profile America List Company
  2. Vente, Inc.
  3. Datamatrix Lists
  4. Contact Marketing
  5. Key Marketing Advantage

For a complete report of the top list managers, including risers and fallers, go to NextMark’s web site:

What are data cards?

Data cards are documents used to describe the characteristics of a mailing list available for rental or sale, including description, pricing, selection options, output options, and contact information. Data cards are the primary documents used in circulation planning and mailing list purchasing decisions. For example, see the Boston Proper data card on NextMark’s website. Good circulation decisions depend on a good data card database. NextMark ensures the quality of its data card database through the Data Card Quality Report and other monitoring tools.

How data card quality is calculated

Data Card Quality Report Sample

The data card quality score is calculated by electronically analyzing more than 74,000 data cards. For each data card, a proprietary algorithm first rates the quality of 13 key attributes. Then, the score (0-100) for the data card is calculated using a weighted average of the 13 attributes. The list management company’s quality score is the average score of all data cards in their portfolio. List managers can access the details of the calculation and suggestions for improvement through NextMark’s free data card publishing tool (a.k.a. the “Data Card Wizard”). Only companies with more than 50 data cards in their portfolio are included in the first rankings.

How to create and update data cards

Use NextMark’s free data card publishing tool to create and enhance your data cards.

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