8% improvement in data card quality

Top50datacardproviderWe just published our 3Q2008 Data Card Quality Report.  It’s always interesting to see who comes out on the top of the rankings.  But, to me, the most impressive result was the overall 8% increase in data card quality scores. 

Why is this so impressive?  The scores were good to start with and we just made the scoring more stringent.  So, jumping the quality by 8% in just 3 months is quite a feat.  It shows that list managers who publish their data cards on NextMark strive to provide excellent data cards.

It’s good for the list managers who post those data cards because they will get more business due to their professional presentation.  And it’s good for direct marketers who depend on this information to make good list purchasing decisions.

Here is the official press release on the 3Q2008 report:

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