Evolving role of the list broker

DM News published an article today "List companies urged to diversify to survive" that describes some of the ways that list companies and list brokers are adapting to the changing marketing environment. Jay Schwedelson of Worldata and NextMark's own Chris DeMartine are interviewed for the story.

Some things will never change:

"The most important thing for a list broker hasn't changed: Being able to offer their client the right list in whatever medium that may be, DeMartine said."

But many aspects of the role are evolving:

“List companies have become much more well-versed in providing marketing strategy, rather than just offering list recom­mendations,” he said. “A list broker today has a lot more to know.”

With years of experience in reaching niche markets, list brokers are well-positioned as "acquisition specialists" that go well beyond postal lists. Read the full story here.

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