RMI and Millard First To Add Video To Data Cards

RMI Direct Marketing was well-prepared for NextMark's latest software release (version 6.12) enabling video marketing for mailing lists. As of this morning, a NextMark list search revealed that RMI had posted a total of 90 videos to their data cards. Included in the mix were list management presentations exclusively for non-profit list brokers and mailers, and a nice pitch from Richard Leary regarding statistical modeling on the Guideposts Associates Masterfile. Check it out below:

RMI's Chief Executive Officer, Martin Stein was among tfirst to comment on this innovation.

"The data card has always served the list community as a one dimensional marketing tool – a basic template of segments, selections and pricing. NextMark's introduction of videos offers a new vehicle for data managers to capture the attention of list brokers and mailers in a personalized fashion for today's digital world. This type of forward thinking is a boon to our industry, and RMI is honored to be a part of such ground breaking innovation."

Anthony DiNino, Millard Group also responded to the opportunity with the posting of an informative video that promotes the unique attributes of the Time Life Package Insert Program. Check it out below:

For the full story, check out today's press release titled "NextMark Enables Video Marketing For Mailing Lists". The DMNews article is also good and it points to the ROI associated with leveraging video technology for lists. I wonder what we'll see next?

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