Google caught me fishing for tires with new remarketing tool

Google-remarketing DM News today confirmed what I had suspected: Google has launched a remarketing tool.

Last night, I was browsing the Hooked-in Fishing Reports website. The site has Google AdSense ads on the top and, of course, most of the ads are related to fishing (i.e the content on the website). However, I noticed an advertisement regarding Tire Reviews. This tire review ad seemed out of place but it makes perfect sense…

After flattening one of my snow tires last week, I decided it was time to switch back to all season tires. Unfortnately, my all season tires wore out last year. Iit was time for me to buy some new ones. I spent time on the Consumer Reports website reading their reviews and then on various websites checking prices. So, I am definitely in the market for some new treads.

Then I see this ad for Tire Reviews on Hooked-in. I was surprised to see such an out of place but highly revelant and personal (almost too personal) advertisement on my favorite fishing website. Very smart marketing!

The only criticism is the ad was that it was for a subscription to Consumer Reports — which I already have. Would have been better to show me an ad for a special on the tires I need.

But, in any event, I think this is a giant leap towards relevance. Congrats to the GOOG on this latest innovation!

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