This mobile advertising really sucks

Mobile_phone I didn’t say that. Steve Jobs did during yesterday’s unveiling of Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising system, where he said “Most of this mobile advertising really sucks, and we thought we might be able to make some contributions”

Mobile advertising is still in its infancy, but holds much promise. As John Zehr of ESPN Mobile pointed out at last night’s BIMA Mobile Event in Boston, your mobile device is the most initimate screen you own. You carry it with you wherever you you go and it’s always on.

John is right. I carry ESPN ScoreCenter in my pocket wherever I go. It came in very handy recently when I had to bring my son to a soccer practice in the middle of the Cornell vs. #4 see Wisconsin NCAA basketall tournament game. My son was able to give me the play by play from the back seat while in transit to the practice. Cornell won 87-69, yay! (but later was defeated by Kentucky).


The majority (70%+ in US) of phones are still dumb “feature” phones with limited web browsing and no applications. But that’s changing fast with the iPhone and Android phones coming on the market. There’s still a long way to go, but things are going to evolve quickly in this space.

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