MagnaGlobal predicts digital advertising to grow 18.7% in 2011

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

MagnaGlobal logoAccording to MagnaGlobal‘s “US Media Advertising Revenue Forecast” (as reported by DM news), “Revenue from awareness-driven mass media advertising will grow 10.8% in 2011. Revenue from national digital advertising will grow 18.7% in 2011, driven by strong growth in display, online video and mobile budgets, according to the firm.”

The growth picture for direct media is not so bright:

“Direct media, which the firm defined as Internet Yellow Pages, paid search, lead generation, print directories and direct mail, will perform more poorly than mass media for a second consecutive year. However, direct media advertising revenue will ultimately grow at a greater pace than mass media advertising revenue in the long term, the firm said. Direct media advertising revenue will grow 3.9% by 2016, compared with the 3.7% growth in mass media advertising revenue in that time.”

Direct mail, once again surprises the analysts because it bucks the trend of other traditional media and continues to grow: “Direct mail did a lot better than we thought,” said Feldman. “It will grow each year within the next five years. But compared to electronic media, direct mail and directories are at a disadvantage.”

This mobile advertising really sucks

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Mobile_phone I didn’t say that. Steve Jobs did during yesterday’s unveiling of Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising system, where he said “Most of this mobile advertising really sucks, and we thought we might be able to make some contributions”

Mobile advertising is still in its infancy, but holds much promise. As John Zehr of ESPN Mobile pointed out at last night’s BIMA Mobile Event in Boston, your mobile device is the most initimate screen you own. You carry it with you wherever you you go and it’s always on. (more…)